Self Serving Critical Raves about Mama Jama

From the Washington Post:
The varied backgrounds of the four principal members of Mama Jama explain the hybrid juju-reggae-funk sound of the Maryland band's second album, "Dansez." their nine original tunes on "Dansez" prove an infectious mix of African, Caribbean and American polyrhythms.

When they played at the Festival Shell during the Arts Festival, Sarr's energy swept over the crowded lawn of Old Main. The children were the first to start dancing. By the end of the set, everyone was on their feet jumping, even the elderly were swaying to the diverse sounds the band offered.
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Mama Jama
Since 1990, Mama Jama have been intoxicating Bay music lovers with their eclectic blend of rock, reggae, calypso and blues.
If you havenít seen - or heard - Mama Jama play, you donít get out enough. The band plays everywhere, from week-long performances at local bars and restaurants to benefit concerts to the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival.

So it was no contest when Bay Weekly readers filled in their Best of the Bay surveys: Mama Jama, Mama Jama, Mama Jama, read the responses.

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